London Drury Lane review, by Evelyn

What a night, in the majestic Theatre Royal Drury Lane, what a lovely setting for Turin Brakes to be celebrating 10 years since their first official record release of The Door (as Gale informed the audience upon finishing the opening track). One crowd member shouted ‘Where’s Oliver?’, the Theatre Royal is currently home to this musical but rest assured that Olly Knights easily exceeded the expectations of anyone that showed up expecting a number or two.

The first half saw Olly, Gale and Eddie playing with the choir, a 6 piece female group of supreme talent, after the interval the boys were joined by Phil and Rob and then the encore saw the choir’s return.

I adored the new tracks and the crowd was very appreciate of favourites and rarities such as Red Moon. A wonderful night as always, the boys done good as it were! I hope they enjoyed it as much as their fans did. I for one am still smiling :D.

Encore: Future Boy, Red Moon (what a treat!), State of Things (awesome!).
The sound: brilliant. It’s a theatre after all.
The choir: excellent. Great compliment to Paper Heart, State of Things and so many others.
My favourites: Come and Go (not sure i’ve heard this live and adored it), Feeling oblivion, long distance, mind over money, never stops, paper heart (really feel the new material holds its own brilliantly)
Other highlights: Rob’s brother on tamborine, Gale swinging the cable as he awaits his guitar, Olly saying the next album “fcking better be” out in February 😀
Awesome night of course. Passengers deserve a credit too for great, raw sounded songs.

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