Turin Brakes at AUDIO Brighton

Claire Prior went to see Turin Brakes play in Brighton, an intimate gig, here’s an intimate report…

Turin Brakes played AUDIO Brighton last night as a warm up to their new album supporting tour which begins this week. Dark on Fire, their fourth album, has been long awaited by their fans, and entry to AUDIO was secured by buying a copy from one of Brighton’s records shops.

Fan gigs are always warm, friendly places to be, and last night was no exception. Even the slightly annoying girl next to me who sang loudly was so polite that I found myself smiling, unable to hold a grudge for long in such an atmosphere. And what an atmosphere. Happy smiling enthusiastic delighted well mannered gig goers, all keen to hear live the songs they’d had a week to revise.

Olly Knights and Gale Paridjanian, the two founder members, were joined by the rest of the band for a set that was split fairly between old and new. There’s nothing more annoying to a die hard fan than to go to a gig and find your beloved band won’t play any of their former glories. Not only do Turin Brakes oblige, they even consult with the audience as to the choice of encore- in this case Future boy.

Dark on Fire is a work of art. It’s been one of those cds that I played as soon as I got it, and have had it on almost constant replay since. It’s that good that at the moment I haven’t been able to choose a favourite track from it. Songs that remind me of places, of times, of situations in my past that I thought I’d forgotten, hints of music I think I know, or maybe always have known, this album seeps inside and runs round my bloodstream until I can’t imagine a time when I didn’t know these tunes.

I like lots of different kinds of music, and go to lots of gigs, but Turin Brakes are different. Their music is who I am, it just fits me all the time, and that’s what makes it so personal; going to a gig where the music touches your soul- is your soul, is a very special place to be.



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